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What are the roles and missions of CEPICI ?

Under the authority and supervision of the President of the Republic, the Investment Promotion Centre in Côte d'Ivoire (CEPICI) is a public institution of Administrative character.

It unites, coordinates and streamlines all initiatives and government actions in the promotion of investment and private sector development in the Ivory Coast (see Decree No. 2012-867 of 06 September 2012).

CEPICl is responsible for / the:

- Facilitation of administrative formalities for starting a business,

- Management of the Investment Code,

- Acceptance of industrial land application files,

- Promotion and attraction of domestic and foreign direct investment in Ivory Coast

- Improving the business environment

You have been a major player in the activation of reforms to hoist the Ivory Coast to a better position in Doing Business ranking, can you sum up all the reforms?

The first set of reforms regarding:

  The indicator '' Starting a Business"


 - The free publication of the Notice of online business incorporation on the website of CEPICI now legal gazette,

 - Reducing the administrative costs of creating for companies whose capital is 10 million maximum FCFA

 - Reduction of business start-stop shop at the time of CEPICI (24)

 - The lifting of the transition obligation at the Notary for the establishment of acts of incorporation for LLLC companies (See the OHADA Uniform Act)

 - The removal of the requirement of minimum capital of 1 million FCFA for LLLC companies.

 - The possibility of establishing LLLC by private acts.


The indicator '' Granting of permission"


 - Reducing the number of procedures for granting building permits from 16 to 11 and the time from 364 to 87 days.


The indicator '' Connection to electricity"


 - Reducing the number of procedures from 8 to 4 and the time from 55 to 28 days for the connection to the electricity of a warehouse for contract power 160 kva.


The indicator '' Transfer of ownership "


 - The institution of the combined procedure for registration and publication of the deed of sale for the land conservation reducing the time from 25 to 15 days

 - The posting of the land register (LIFE)

 Reduced registration rates of duty on transfers of property from 7% to 6%.


The indicator '' investor protection "

 With the following reforms:

 - Allow shareholders or members having a less than or equal to 10% of the share capital, to seek the expertise of a transaction by the leaders of the company,

 - Allow shareholders to seek compensation for executives concluded transaction and approved by the governing institutions of the company in case of abuse, imbalance, conflict of interest or damages suffered.


The indicator '' Get ready "


 - The establishment by law of private credit bureaus that collect data on credit and monitoring of borrowers.


The indicator '' Trading Across Borders"


 - The operationalization of the Single Window for Foreign Trade (GUCE).


This dynamic reform continues with the identification, implementation and monitoring of other reforms in other indicators for the constant improvement of the business climate in Côte d'Ivoire.

What documents must be brought to create a LLLC company at the One-stop shop (CEPICI)?

Documents about your identity such as:

  • A copy of your ID
  • Your Criminal Records extract not older than three months. Otherwise, you are permitted to use temporarily 'declaration on honor' 'to complete the mandatory criminal record within 75 days from the date of registration.

  However, the failure to produce the criminal record sets, according to the provisions of the OHADA Treaty, lead to removal from the register of commerce and furniture credit.


 Acts of Constitution of your company such as:

- Articles which types-models are available on this web site under Administrative documents

You must choose one according to the chosen form of LLLC (single or multi personal) and also according to the method of payment of its contributions (which may be in kind, in cash, mixed, which means both in cash and in kind and finally in industry).

 - The Declaration of subscription and payment (DSV) for which a model is available on the website under Administrative documents

 - The certified list of directors signed by the Notary / the Chief Registrar of the Tribunal of Commerce / or by the Manager according to whether the acts where made by a notary or not.


Documents about the headquarter of your company such as:

 - The lease agreement, if you rent a building. Your landlord must give you a contract says 'lease' and jointly signed. This contract will mention both the cost of the monthly rent, the period of the lease and the date of signature. This information helps to make the evaluation of the registration rights of the contract.

Other documents such as property title or the Proprietary Statement can be provided if one owns a property.

 - The location map drawn or pull from Google MAP geographically so that we can find your offices.

 NB: And possibly a notarized valid power of attorney in case of withdrawal of the case by an agent.


How to resolve the lease contract problem, if I do not have a local to start my business?

It is imperative to have a headquarter in which to operate. However, it may happen that we may not be able to rent an office at the start of its operations.

In this case, if you enjoy the largesse of a third party (parent-friend or acquaintance), which has a place to offer you free of charge, you will have to provide the document certifying that he rents / or owns the local at your disposal.

How to join the Chamber of Notaries when I want to go there?

If you want a notary to write your actions, you can join the Chamber of Notaries located in Plateau Horizon Building 2nd floor or at the following telephone number: +225 20 32 11. 47

What is the single form and what is it for?

The single form contains information relating to:

 - The person in charge of the company's creation;

 - The name, legal form, head office, duration and amount of capital;

 - The turnover, the amount of investment and the number of projected employees;

 - The identity of managers and associates.

 This information helps to inform the database of the Business formalities desk, allowing each jurisdiction incorporated in the One-stop shop to draw useful information for the development of the file on their competence.

How much cost the creation of a corporation or personal company ?

- The case of the individual company (natural person)

The overall amount is 11000FCFA if the lease agreement for the office is previously registered and the activity does not require a code for foreign trade.

Contrary, if the lease is not registered at the Registration and Stamps service based in the E Tower, DRC administrative city, it will be recorded within CEPICI's One-stop shop based on the following calculation: monthly rent lease period x 2.5% x (assigned rate in case of registration of this document). To this total must be added the cost of stamp amounting 500F / lease agreement page. And if the activity requires an importer code, it can be delivered in the GFE at 30 000 FCFA forthwith.

The total amount payable will be the sum of 15000FCFA + the cost of the lease + importer code (if required).


- The case of a LLC (legal entity)

The costs generally amount to 15 000 FCFA if the lease agreement for the office have previously been registered and the activity does not require a code for foreign trade.

Contrary, if the lease is not registered at the Registration and Stamps service based in the E Tower, DRC administrative city, it will be recorded within CEPICI's One-stop shop based on the following calculation: monthly rent lease period x 2.5% x (assigned rate in case of registration of this document). To this total must be added the cost of stamp amounting 500F / lease agreement page. And if the activity requires an importer code, it can be delivered in the GFE cost 30 000 FCFA forthwith.

The total amount payable will be the sum of 15000FCFA + the cost of the lease + importer code (if required).

How long it will take me to create my company ?

All creation file must be filed in the morning between 8am and 11am at GFE. The withdrawal is done on the same day from 3 am or 6 to 7 hours of treatment.

What documents will I receive after setting up my company at Business Formalities Desk (GFE)?

- A Trade and Property Credit Register;

- A tax declaration of existence entitling a taxpayer account number;

- An employer registration notification form also says CNPS employer number;

- Publication on CEPICI's website of notice of constitution,

- Optionally importer code.

Am I free to do all activities in Côte d'Ivoire or are there some restrictions?

Since independence, Côte d'Ivoire asserted his choice for free enterprise and invest differently to economic liberalism.

However by this freedom, the state does not want to encourage the Scruffiness.

State of law, it has a legal and regulatory framework governing the exercise of regulated activities, subject to an administrative authorization, and that, for various reasons :

- Assertion of sovereignty in areas of activities called '' strategic '' (eg the field of water-energy-finance-health)

- Respect for public order or public safety (eg field of private security)

Also, after selecting his business idea, it is mandatory to check with CEPICI (One-stop shop service / Formalities & Support Service) or the Ministry in charge of the activity to exercise that this activity is liberalized by the Government.

If it is, ask to understand the conditions before starting the process of creating the structure.

Said conditions inflect the choice of legal form, ownership, valuation of the share capital and entail specific costs.

As any savvy investor should evaluate all these aspects before going into business because they are the ones that could somewhat refreiner enthusiasm.

What is the investments code ?

Revised June 2012 the Investment Code is a legal device of tax and customs incentives.

It establishes two types of incentive scheme based on the amount of investment to achieve:

- For SMEs, if it is less than 70 million FCFA, the investor falls within the reporting regime / if it is greater or equal to 70 million CFA, it is in the regime of Accreditation.

- For large companies if the investment amount is less than 200 million CFA francs, the investor is in the declarative regime / if it is greater than 200 million CFA francs, will be part of the approval scheme .

Each of these plans offer, according to the selected area, the benefits to both SMEs and large enterprises over a period between 5 and 15 years.

Indeed, Côte d'ivoire is divided into 3 zones ABC and the concept of zoning is based on the density. For large cities the favors are granted short.

In contrast, in small communities, the benefits run for a longer duration so as to promote investment in these remote areas.

For more detailed information on this subject, it is possible to download a copy of that code under the heading Business environment

What is a SME ?

Is considered a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), a company that employs less than two hundred (200) permanent employees and achieves a turnover of less than one (1) billion CFA francs.

Under what conditions can we enjoy the benefits of the investments code?

The basic premise to benefit from exemptions from the investments code, is to:

  • Create an Ivorian law company, Type LLC or LLLC;

- Any activity that is eligible for said code;

- Ride a technical file according to the amount and location of investment; folder that will be analyzed within 21 days by CEPICI- compound Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Industry and the Service of mines- impôts- the Service of Customs-Ministry of Environment for 'environmental impact study, the Department of budget and technical departments

Which tax, customs, would I benefit from under the exercise of my business?

To benefit from the Investment Code, see both summary matrices Code under the heading Business environment.

Where to get the technical file to fill?

View CEPICI web site under Create your business

What kind of projects CEPICI " sells '' ?

Côte d'Ivoire is a land rich in opportunities and multifaceted business potential to develop for a real economic revolution in our country.

These are many opportunities compiled in the form of public and private project portfolios that CEPICI promotes.

- Private projects were compiled by CEPICI thanks to the latest edition of the forum '' Invest in Côte d'Ivoire " and their list is available from our services.

- As against the State projects typically public interest projects are available either in public-private partnerships and public or by project. They are available on this site under Invest in Côte d’Ivoire

Does CEPICI finances projects? If so, how much?

As CEPICI is not a financing institution, for now, it does not fund projects directly. For some projects, he accompanied several relations with international financial partners.

CEPICI also directs leader projects towards financing institutions and support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with whom he has a special relationship.

If not, how can I get financing through CEPICI ?

You can indeed make a request, accompanied by a project file to CEPICI that will be recorded in the stock CEPICI projects.

Under fora or foreign investors delegations visits eager to have local partners or wishing to invest in sectors related to your project, CEPICI will contact you to arrange a matchmaking.

What procedures should I follow to be connected with a technical, financial or commercial partner?

You should write a mail to CEPICI's General Manager. Mail that will express your willingness to be included in the central database, as a local company, duly organized, and willing to be placed in contact with domestic and foreign partners.

And as stated above, at the time of fora or economic missions organized in Côte d'Ivoire or elsewhere, you will be approached to participate in business meetings with different actors.

Could populations residing in other areas of the country, hope to receive the team CEPICI at a future edition of the caravan '' Invest in Côte d'Ivoire ''?

Driven by the will to propel Côte d'Ivoire on the way of emergence, CEPICI does overlook any targets that could contribute to accelerte the development of national direct investment in Côte d'Ivoire. So it sets sail on the inland.

Noting a strong interest, the center proposes during the coming months to repeat the feat by visiting the cities of the east and west of Côte d'Ivoire.

According to your expansion strategy inward, will you open CEPICI antennas in the interland during the coming months ?

Concerning the implementation of CEPICI agencies inside, we think about it and it will be a feasible project in the long term to initiate decentralization of CEPICI services.