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FRANCOPHONIE : RIAFPI works on sustainable development

The second International Network of Francophone Investment Promotion Agencies (RIAFPI) annual conference was held on June 6, 2017 in Paris. This conference was about sustainable development issues within the francophone economic space in order to maximize opportunities in the area and generate more employment and wealth on a long-term.

In his opening speech, Emmanuel ESSIS, Chairman of RIAFPI, and Managing Director of CEPICI lamented that francophone countries has a small part (15%) in the global flow of foreign direct investment.

He stressed on the establishment of incubators to assist and guide francophone entrepreneurs so as to foster wealth creation and sustainable jobs.

Similarly, Michaëlle JEAN, Secretary-General of “La Francophonie”, presented the French speaking countries as a "community believing in win-win relationships in a safe business environment".

Furthermore, she noted that the French-speaking economic community has adopted an “Economic Strategy at the Dakar Summit in 2014” to assist entrepreneurs, diversify and extend business opportunities by creating industrial and commercial partnerships for structural transformation of francophone economies. 

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Amadou Gon COULIBALY, the Ivorian Ambassador in France, Charles GOMIS, encouraged this initiative of RIAFPI and urged to suggest innovative solutions to transform the French-speaking world into a sustainable hub of prosperity. He stated that “la Francophonie” must no longer be "just a cultural centre, but a vital economic tool able to promote an integrated and sustainable development for the countries members»

This second annual conference, which was made-up of an opening ceremony, an inaugural conference and thematic panels, was attended by 130 people, including heads of Investment Promotion Agency, international institutions and diplomatic representations, business owners.

It should be recalled that the first annual conference of the RIAFPI was held in Abidjan on March 2016.